Why am I doing another Guinness World Record?

As with most charities over the last eighteen months, Coronavirus has had a significant impact of the National Autistic Society’s finances and work that they do. Unfortunately, last year I was forced to postpone my Guinness World Record attempt in support of the charity, also due to the pandemic. But, as the full London Marathon is returning in October, I am relaunching the challenge and with your support can help the National Autistic Society continue its vital work of creating a society that works for autistic people.

Arran wearing his Guinnes World Record cycling jersey at Ride London 100

Another Guinness World Record. Why am I doing it again?

Six years ago, I broke the Guinness World Record for the ‘most brands advertised on a single sportswear item’, with 110 sponsored logos. But this record has since been broken by the Tour de OROC consortium from Australia and now is the right to reclaim it!

As an Autistic Ambassador for the National Autistic Society, I know how important it is for autistic people to be better “accepted and understood” by society around us. One of the biggest areas of inequality is employment, where just 22% of us are in paid work! The purpose of my record attempt is to show the positive and exciting contribution autistic people like myself can make to those who know us, work with us and to wider society.

How can you help break this record?

It is quite simple. If you are a business or other type of organisation, all I need is the sponsored use of your logo on my running jersey which I will be wearing during this year’s London Marathon.

All that is required is a good quality jpeg or gif image of your logo, together with confirmation that you are supporting us with this Guinness World Record and the small payment of course (which can be made in several ways). I can of course give you an invoice/receipt of payment for your records and you will also be entitled to purchase a copy of a Guinness World Record certificate with the name of your organisation.

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Close up of the jersey and Guniess World Record certificate